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"Enclosed please find" 란 문구를 영어 이메일에서 많이 보았을 텐데,

예) "Enclosed please find the offer letter"
    "Enclosed please find the attached file for your reference"

너무 관용적(법조계쪽으로 특히) 으로 쓰여서 무시하지 않을 순 없는데, 이보다는 다음의 문구를 사용하자.

  • Attached is
  • Enclosed are
  • Here is
  • We have enclosed
  • I have attached
  • The attached proposal includes
  • The enclosed document shows
  • Please review the attached diagram
  • The attached spreadsheet covers
  • Please use the enclose file to

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음 중간 중간 깨지는게 있네...


그래도 너무 좁아서 늘릴 필요는 있으니까.

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일을 하다보면 remind 메일을 써야 할 때가 있다.  밑에 email을 참조해 보자.

Dear students:

This email is to remind of the meeting held today for the workshop you registered in previously. We will be discussing some issues regarding the timing and planning for the course. I look forward to seeing you all there. Below are the specific meeting details:

Time: (add time here)
Place: (enter name and address here)

Your name


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